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College ruining Students with " CO-DONATION FEES"

posted Nov 02, 2011 03:26:10 by Gaurav_Bhagat
"Fine" is something that is used to teach people where they went wrong and keep things posted in their mind not to repeat such things again in the future...... BUT A.V.I.T. seems to have redefined this whole FINE thing. Charging students a with a heavy fine AMOUNT of Rs.2000 at the peak hours of examination without any proper receipt has pointed fingers on the administration's real objective of charging fines. To add to the misery those with a singe percentage of difference have also not been spared. So the real question comes out that what caused the administration to take such a step.Is it really the old traditional "fine" that is used to teach students a lesson and ensure that they do not repeat the same thing in the future, or is it the whole new DIWALI DHAMAKA SCHEME to fill the pockets of the college administrators.... THINK.....
What the hell are you waiting for!!!
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AmitSoniGenuine said Nov 06, 2011 20:08:52
ya Mr.Gaurav,I would like to add that every time the hall tickets for each student come hre from the varsity hqs at Salem,but our college itself only blocks students like me with lower attendance percentage and put us in stop-list,just to collect money,not only that we have to pay the fee of the current sem also in which we are stopped.Then again in the next sem,you have to make the payment of the stopped sem.That means paying the fee twice for that particular sem in which we have been stopped to sit.I am currently facing the same problem !
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