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posted Jul 15, 2011 18:47:11 by soniamit0152
Dear students of the department of ECE here I would like to drive your attention towards my own section ECE-A which far lags behind from the united bonds among the helping and mixing natured students of the other three sections.It is fact that ECE-A leads all 4 sections as far as the mean result is concerned but still due to obscure and non helping nature of some students we are failing to make it a union.All know about the responsibility ignoring nature of our ACR,the CR of the class speaks less as if he is guided by some other guys.Whenever there is any competition in the college the news is passed to only few guys everytime.If any guy/gal tries to awake the section to unite,the other guys(those only who are self-minded) just simply blame him/her.The fact is that our section is like that only due to few selected students.I humbly request all my section-mates to make our section united like other 3 especially we should take some inspiration from ECE-C section(one of the most united sections in our college according to me).Common guys now its time to stick together before its too late,lets do it ECE-A and make our section the most united one not only in the department but also in the college.I have always given priority to unity in our section from 1st year and this is now the alarming time to get awakened and together.Ultimately I can only say that "NOW OR NEVER" The decision is yours ECE-A !!!!!!!!!!!!
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i remember black skies lining on around me,i remember this flash as time began to blur,like a starling sign the fade has finally found me and your voice was all i heard but i get what i deserved so give me reason to prove me wrong to wash this memory clean let the floods cross the distance in your eyes,across this NEW DIVIDE . . . !
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Deepak Sharma. said Jul 21, 2011 16:17:06
u r right amit...
i m with u...nd i m agree with ur abt unity of ece-a..
Ankur_Mishra said Jul 22, 2011 05:46:06
I believe this would inflict divided opinion among all of us. It all depends on what 'Unity' means for one. I wouldn't completely disagree about the concerns you have raised, but there is some scope of rethinking. What you have stated can be counted as loopholes and I, personally am trying to fill up those. :)
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