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posted Jul 14, 2011 20:12:37 by soniamit0152
Here I would like to get your views on the following demerits of our college : 1)lack of a good quality canteen with more accommodation 2)failure to provide good and consecutive MTC bus circling to both Mamallapuram and Kelambakkam routes 3)rights to faculties to cut one's attendance even if the guy/gal is present for just mere matters 4)mostly expired and out of date apparatus still functional in labs during semester exams also 5)no promising scope for a guy like me with many extra-curricular studies 6)adjusting girls inside the same old and single KC Block one over the other just like sleeper births in Indian railway's coaches and many more like that .........
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Ankur_Mishra said Jul 21, 2011 04:16:37
The topic posted is of prime importance and I would agree with most of the points made highlighted. I would like to put up my opinion about every concern spotlighted.
1) Capacity of canteen has been one of the oldest problems for this college. They had even put up an extension and it is still not enough. Management must look into this.
2) Dude! MTC is not being operated either by AVIT or VMU. LOL
3) Attendance... This is really disturbing :(
4) जुगाड technology is what I would say for this.
5) Lets craft our destiny ourselves. At this stage we aren't supposed to rely on our college. Every single fact is naked in front of our eyes... I don't need to say anything more.
6) ROFL. My brother and myself find those bunks really interesting to sleep on. :D
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